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About Us

Funded in March 2019 with the support of Trinity Adventist International Church and sponsored by Community7.org to serve the community and bring meaningful change. Our work is to build meaningful relationships in the communities we serve and foster their involvement in self growth and development through health, education and faith.


Regular health checkups, massage therapy, distribution of food, and dietary supplements.


Teach English to kids, distribute school materials, and educational tools.


Work with the community to improve living conditions and services.


Project Details


  1. Connect with people, care for their physical, social and spiritual needs.
  2. Provide health monitoring and community development support.
  3. Involve church members in missionary/ community work.
  4. Develop a fund and donation stream that will support the expansion and operation of the ministry.

Strategic Planning

  1. Establish a local contact (zonal leader).
  2. Prepare a 6 month schedule for the events and activities.
  3. Create a registration and database system to keep records and contact details of participants.
  4. Prepare prayer groups for the ministry.
  5. Identify local members to assist in events and families at need to visit.


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